Calling all Snowbirds !
****According to the Wickipedia- The term Snowbird is used to describe and people from the Northern or Midwestern U.S.who spend a large portion of winter in 
warmer locales such as North Carolina, Florida, or elsewhere along the Sunbelt  region of the southern United States, areas of the Caribbean.
Snowbirds are typically retirees who can afford to be away from home for long periods of time or have a second home in a warmer location.
(like beautiful Eastern North Carolina )

Alright, you know who you are! 

Actually, my father was born in Massachusetts but the brutal winters convinced my grandmother to pack up and move to sunny Florida.
Along the way my father met my mother and the rest is history! 
I was born and raised in Palm Beach County with sandals on year round
(when shoes were required) ! The coastal breeze and the ability to participate in year round outdoor activities really appealed to me. 

Fast forward, age 22 I marry my husband and move to Pennsylvania for his Graduate Schooling at Bucknell University. 
Both of our children were born there. It didn't take long for me to realize I was not cut out for the long, dark and cruel winters and longed
 for a warmer climate ! 

In 1991, God blessed us with a job opportunity in Eastern North Carolina and there could not have been a better offer! 

We raised our kids in Greenville, NC and enjoyed the mild winters and coastal atmosphere. With a short 1.5 hr drive we were at the Crystal Coast and within no time we were purchasing a cottage at the beach to "play" after a long work week!
25 + years have flown by.. and Greenville has grown into a thriving town rich with tradition. Home of East Carolina University, Vidant Medical and industrial/pharmaceutical companies on the cutting edge with technology and industry. 

The Crystal Coast has maintained its charm by maintaining slow growth and preserving some of the prettiest beaches on the coast !
Watch out ! Many "snowbirds" fall into this trap! They may rent for several summers for that "yearly vacation at the beach " but end up 
buying a second home because of the desire to retire here, to spend their winters here or to make the actual move a primary residence...
No matter what the reason, I think it is worth real consideration! The market is hot and the investment has been proven to be even hotter ! 

Let me know if you would like a 
relocation package mailed to you with attention to your specific needs.

Call me to plan your trip and tell me more about yourself and what you envision for yourself here in Eastern North Carolina !
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Michele Connors
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